Learn English Your Way
Thank You


‘‘Thank you so much for your help during my 3 weeks. I really did learn a lot and enjoyed your class.  Really helpful and gave me understanding of speaking and writing test. Especially in speaking.‘‘
- Nonie (Vietnam)

‘‘Thank you very much teacher!!!!! I really appreciate that. Thank you for teaching, helping and doing everything for me!!!!! I was really glad to be your student!!!!! ‘‘
- Rusik (Russia)

‘‘After two months of being tutored by Denise I have noticed a great improvement. Denise is an excellent teacher. She is very didactic, patient and vibrant. Today I am more confident and able to
communicate in English much better.
- Maria Ilse Wallis (Brazil)

Teaching‘‘Thank you and I especially appreciate your kind corrections!!‘‘
- Motoko (Japan)
‘‘Thanks again. Your help was really appreciated!‘‘
- Eddie (Quebec)
Teaching‘‘Thanks for teaching! I won’t forget you. You are a great teacher.‘‘
- Jun (South Korea)
‘‘I never will forget you… it was very, very good for me.‘‘
- Camilo (Brazil)
Teaching‘‘You are a good English teacher.‘‘
- Maha (Saudi Arabia)

‘‘I got my results for IELTS. I got 6 in all four skills. I needed 6 for immigration!
I appreciate your help. Thanks.
- Farshad (Iran)

‘‘I scored 24 in speaking thank you so much. The total score is 96 so I have the score I needed . I am so happy. Thank you so much you helped me a lot.‘‘
- Monica (Romania)